"I have several of Jackie's beautiful artworks. Her depiction of the ocean and sky is quite  mesmerizing!"       Anne, California

"Jackie's landscape paintings are spellbinding.  She was commissioned to paint two of my cats, and I can't put into words how life-like these paintings are! They make me so happy."  Shirley, California.

"Of all the artwork we have acquired over the years, my absolute favorite is Jackie's   "Hemingway".  Her "Authors" series is very special."  Steve, California

IMG_2971 Most of my landscape ideas come out of my memory bank, they do not really represent any one area, except on the occasions when I am particularly struck with the scenes I see on my journeys. I have many objects that I use to paint still life pictures, and frequently I will paint a series with a subject matter, such as authors or historical figures. Wildlife paintings are a result of traveling to various locations to take good photos and make sketches, which I use later in the studio. Pet commissions are fun because I spend time with the pet and get to know its habits and expressions. I am blessed to live in Sonoma, CA, a beautiful town in wine country with a thriving and supportive art community. I constantly challenge myself to conquer something a bit more difficult, and frequently I have many surprises at the end of the day. I hope you will enjoy viewing my work, and please feel free to call me if you have any questions. Studio visits are also available by appointment. If you would like to receive notifications of new art prior to public release, email me directly at:


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